Lily’s Stewart Island Track Report

Lily's Stewart Island Track Report

Hi this is me.Lily…… Here is my Stewart Island Track Report. This is me on a rock at Ulva Island . On the rocks I found quite a big quartz in there was a whole lot of red jelly stuff on the rocks which was really squirmy and it looked like jelly.

Mason Bay Airport

Whale Bones

We landed on the beach at at Mason Bay and walked to a hut and had lunch and i took some photos of this whalebone.

Big Sand Hill

Here we are…. On top Top of big sand hill were we did alot of sandune jumping

Mason Bay Shearing ShedThis is me on an old tractor

Rate Flower on KoruI like this one it shows Rata flower
on a fern


Ulva IslandThis is me and Yuka with a Weka that stole my key ring.


Nursery Spider Here is a nursery Spider and the eggs which are yellow.


Robin Here is a picture of a Robin that I took when we were walking on a track.


Kiwi Conference And here are three kiwis 🙂

By Lily, 8 years old