The Windiest Place in the World!

If you thought it was windy at your place today spare a thought for trampers stuck in the Okaka Hut on the Tuatapere Hump Ridge Track.

Sitting at an altitude of 890m in the lee of the Hump Ridge in Fiordland hikers have been asked to spend an extra night rather than risk being blown off the boardwalk or struck by falling branches.

Marianne Widmer, General Manager for the Tuatapere Hump Ridge Track made the decision in consultation with the Lodge Manager, Pearl Kirby from Orepuki.

“Early in the morning we had some extreme gusts that really shook the huts . All our systems are operational so we made the call to suggest to our customers they stay an extra night and enjoy the warmth and southern hospitality”

So intense are the winds that Okaka Hut has been listed as the windiest place in the world on the global weather forecasting system

Yaraslov Dimitriev, Web Developer for, has verified the ranking with winds forecast at an average of 80km/h on Tuesday morning. The listings of “Todays Global Weather Extremes” appears on the home page and is viewed by over 10,000 people around

Ms Widmer joked “We usually worry about our customers falling off the boardwalk awe struck at the expansive views of Stewart Island and the Southern Ocean as they walk down the Hump, but today it is the wind that has us worried”